A new life chapter

The AYL birthday photo

Earlier this week I hit the age of 55, not in itself significant, but the day on which I officially retired and can take a pension income.

The day I turned 54 was tedious, AYL was closed, the trains weren’t running thanks to the abortion that is HS2 and I was stuck at home with two needy parents bored out of my mind on a bank holiday Monday . I vowed that my 55th would be better. Little did I know that a year later both parents would no longer be here.

To celebrate what felt like a quite momentous day I went to AYL, that’s my “happy place”, the place that’s quite frankly kept me going over the last 18 months. Practice with Louise and Emma, perfect. I just knew it was the right place to be. After practice as I paid, Nik wished me a nice day and asked what I was doing, I was delighted to be able to say “actually I’m retiring today” and he became the first to congratulate me and speak to me, I’d nodded and waved a couple of hello’s, but not actually spoken to anyone so far.

Although I am taking a pension I have decided, as i wade through my parents affairs, that I need some structure in life. Practice is 2 hours a day, usually 5 days, that leaves a lot of time. Lately and for some time to come a lot of the time is filled with turning out rooms, the Attic of my parents stuff, old crap that I look at and think wtf did they keep this, always I guess “just in case”, but at some point that will be done. So I’ve taken a job with the local Gymnastics club, helping to set up their equipment and take it apart later 3 days a week.

Practice is becoming more consistent, though my right shoulder is a never ending pain lately, if I rest it it aches, if I exercise it it aches and if I sleep on it wrong it can be bloody painful the next morning. Massage and Rumalaya help, but aren’t a permanent solution.

Let the new chapter begin.

4 Responses to “A new life chapter”

  1. Mette Says:

    I have been reading your blog for a while and just wanted to gratulate you on your new life, but also offer my condolences for the loss of both your parents. All the best wishes for your practice, new life and job.

  2. Mike Evans Says:

    Welcome to the life of the laid back retiree. My diary has never been fuller. Like so many people I scratch my head and wonder how I ever managed to fit in a 40 hour work week plus an hour each way travelling. The little job on the side sounds like a great idea.

    • globie Says:

      Cheers Mike, I know what you mean about work, I seem to be busier than when I was working. The old place have asked me to do some stuff for them now as well. Ironic that when I needed a job they were hard to get, but now I don’t they just seem to fall in my lap

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