Life has had more downs than ups in the last year, but life is now beginning to settle in to a more livable enjoyable pattern, practice, sleep, eat and hours and hours playing silly games with Greml or both of us falling asleep with her sprawled across my lap. Technically I have retired, and although I am getting a pension I’m also doing a few hours a week helping the local Gymnastics club out.

I’ve had a first holiday in years without the worry of what was happening or what I was coming back home to. New York was fun.

When I first stopped working my time was filled with legal stuff of my parents death and sorting the house out to some extent, but now that’s progressing it’s a question of “what else” is going to fill my time, especially as we are coming in to the cold wet winter months. AYL is the bedrock of my life, the people in it who represent the extended family I don’t have.

At home I have my Yoga room, a long held dream that has become a reality. It feels like a huge space compared to the space I previously practiced in, I’ve oriented it so that it feels like AYL with the yellow walls and windows on my right as I practice, though as Emma said it lacks the sweat running down the walls.

You could easily get 4 or 5 mats in there and 4 people have now said maybe I should teach, as I have the time and a space, that still feels like a huge step, even though my teacher Louise has twice now said I should think about it. It’s a seed I’d put to the back of my mind, but V at breakfast on Sunday became the 4th person to voice the idea and I’ve actually started to think about it, so where do I go from here? TT’s are expensive and from what I’ve read and witnessed over the years many aren’t that great, I well remember being on the periphery of a 200 hour TT in Goa a few years ago that seemed to be more about filling in the 200 hours than learning what you need to have some competence as a teacher. There are so many TT’s out there when you ask google.

5 Responses to “Teaching??”

  1. Denis McCallum Says:

    You could take a look at Micheal Gannon. He is at yogaloft in Playa del Carmen

  2. Cindy Says:

    It is possible that you are far more experienced than the persons who offer a TT…

  3. Suzanne Says:

    do it!!! it is teaching…not the tt that gives you the competence to be a teacher…
    you would be a wonderful teacher…
    and greml i am sure would be happy to assist

    • globie Says:

      Still looking in to it, still not sure. It was mentioned again today. Greml is only good at nose drishte,her nose against mine in Urdva Dhanurasana

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