A Mysore revolution in the sticks


Our local Shala is attempting an Ashtanga revolution this month by trying to start an early morning Mysore program, 6:30-8:30am. Since the Shala opened 4 years ago it’s Mysore classes have been 3 mid mornings and a couple of evenings, which are convenient for the towns Yummy Mummies and the leisured, but not great for for people who have to work.

This week was the first week of the three extra early practices. Wednesday morning at 6:30am 14 students unrolled their mats, wow for a small town what a start, however Thursday it was just 5 of us and today, well I was the only student, so Cathy the teacher practised with me. A really nice practice to Kapo.

Wednesday 14 students

Yes I know I’m “legally” only up to Bhekasana, but with the arm problems I did Kapo hanging as soon as I could get back on my mat after the last surgery to give me a backbend without my arm taking part. Cathy uses a DG assist involving 6 bricks you attempt to walk the hands along towards the feet. I know Kapo officially will be a while, but hopefully it won’t be such a shock when the time does come.

For some people with a longer practice who work I think 6am would be better, my practice regularly hits two hours with the backbends, closing and Svasana, not to mention the local Shala offers the the chance of a bit of experimentation, trying Ustrasana and Kapotasana with blocks a la David Garrigues, Cathy has studied with David and often uses his adjustments and props.

Hopefully the masses will return to the revolution next Wednesday.


4 Responses to “A Mysore revolution in the sticks”

  1. Joanna Says:

    I think the fact that the Friday is so popular at 9.15, this hit the early session. I can only make it once a week just because i live so far away and have two children plus college. Wednesday was awesome though. Don’t forget when she was at the Quaker house it was often only two people and look where she is now

    • globie Says:

      Quite a lot of Wednesdays were people who would usually come to the Friday 9:15, so I wonder how many came this Friday or saw Wednesday as their one for this week.

      I hope next week is more consistent in numbers for her, it always takes time to build a class up and I think even longer for Mysore class’s where the pool of potential students is lower.

  2. Shanna Small Says:

    14 people in Mysore in a big city is alot. I say you guys are off to a rocking start.

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